Profitable Side Hustle Ideas for Students in Nigeria 2021

Having a side hustle is beneficial, Some people also believe that the best way to start a business is to start it off – not to go all out – because they think it saves a person from the stress, despair, anxiety that comes with not seeing the results as early as expected.

They argue that owning a business is not for everyone because of the kind of pressure that comes with it. But I do believe that with determination almost everyone can start a side hustle and grow it. In fact, people have become financially independent by starting and growing a lot of side issues without giving up their day job until the return of their height can cover all of their costs.

Making a small amount of money on the side can also help reduce some of the financial pressure while studying at school. Another advantage of starting a side hustle is that if you don’t enjoy it you can always start a new one. Some Nigerian entrepreneurs started their businesses as a side hustle on the school and later became fully involved when they graduated.

I will list here some of the businesses you can start as a student on the side without burning your fingers.

1. Niche Blogging

One of the best side hustles for students is blogging. You are the first person to benefit from it. Blogging helps to enhance your writing and thinking skills. The number of people on the internet is growing every hour, so you will always have an audience for your content.

Blogging about a niche that you are passionate about is crucial to your success as a blogger. Don’t just blog about everything to avoid stretching yourself too thin. If you pick a niche and create content regularly, gathering an audience within a short period of time is guaranteed. Your niche can be any topic you are passionate about like cooking, natural health remedy, herbal blog, traveling, self-help, writing, tutorial, healthy eating, education, etc. If you can blog and create contents that people want regularly, generating income passively and actively is sure.

2Freelance Writing

Freelance writing has many niches: One of the freelance writing niches is blog post writing. Almost all companies today have a blog. They find blogging as a means of reaching their customers. The demand for freelance writers is high and the ones who are adept at crafting compelling content for their audience are always sought after. If you find writing enjoyable and you can research any topic within a short period of time, you are good to go.

You can earn like 3k per article even more. It depends on your skills and ability to deliver great content on time.

3. Photography and Videography

People hold events and parties every weekend. People like to make memories out of their events – photographers are usually sought after.

To provide these services, basic photography skills and practical knowledge of handling cameras are required – this can be learned within a short period of time on YouTube, Skillshare, and Udemy.

4. Snacks Selling:

Being in the midst of fellow students is a business opportunity itself because they have wants and needs. Student life in Nigeria is associated with stress – leaving home early for the class is a must, else you will stand on your feet taking lectures, and if you don’t have enough cash with you, trekking will be your mean of transportation – most students has little or no time for cooking when they get home because they are too tired – so they rely on taking snacks as food. If you can get a good number of your fellow students and sell snacks like biscuits, plantain chips, potato chips, groundnut cake, etc, making income on the side won’t be difficult.

5. Barbering

Visiting a barbershop to have a haircut and shave is a must for people who want to maintain a decent look – except for the ones who do self-service. You can be providing this service at an affordable rate for your fellow students and make cool money through it.

Though, barbering skill and basic knowledge of operating hair clippers is necessary. The Internet has presented us with numerous opportunities. Being able to learn anything at one’s pace is one of them. There are loads of video tutorials on barbering on YouTube. You can also consider spending some time with a barber to learn.

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