Request for Price Quotes (RFQ) for Supply and Installation of Equipment at John Snow Incorporated (JSI) – 3 Openings

John Snow, Incorporated (JSI) – We are public health care and health systems consultants and researchers driven by a passion to improve health services and health outcomes for all.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Request for Price Quotes (RFQ) for Supply and Installation of Equipment

RFQ Number: JSI-TMA/HALG-2022-04-01
Locations: Lagos Island – Lagos, Uyo – Akwa Ibom & Calabar – Cross River
Delivery Location: See locations below


S/n Item Description Specification Brand name Quantity
1 Mixer 200-gallon stainless steel storage mixing tank with Paddle stirrer, propeller stirrer, Dissolver Stirrer and Anchor stirrer Unitech brand, India 1
2 Automated Volumetric Filling Machine Four Head Volumetric Liquid Bottle Filling Machine, Automatic Four Head Viscous Liquid Filling Machine Radhe brand filling machine, India 1
4 Tube filling machine Automatic tube plastic machine with accessories Radhe brand filing machine, India 1
5 PH Meter Digital PH meter; Model. PH-013. PH. 0.00~14.00PH. mV. 0~±1999mV. Measuring range. Temp. 0~100. PH. ±0.01pH Hanna brand, Astra Instruments, Ikeja 1
6 Industrial Digital thermometer Display: LCD Digital Accuracy: +/-0.01pH
Resolution: 0.01pH
Operating Temperature: 0C ~60 degree C
Measuring Range: 0.00~14.00
Probe Type: Precision glass bulb electrode
Brands and Country of Origin should be specified 1
7 Alcoholometer Measure Range: 0-100%; Alcoholmeter length: 280mm; Measuring bottle: 100ml ; diameter: 34mm; with: 250ml measuring bottle. Mettler brand, Astra Instruments, Ikeja 1
8 Analytical balance Digital Precision Analytical Balance Lab Scale – 5000g x 0.1g Mettler brand, Astra Instruments, 1
10 Conical flask 250ml; Volume · 250ml; Neck Diameter · 34mm; Height · 145mm; Bung Size · 31 – B8A82659; Base Diameter. 85mm Pyres Narrow mouth England 2
11 Conical flask 500ml, 500 ml flask, 10.1 cm, 17.6 cm, 100-500 ml x 50 ml ; 1000 ml flask, 12.9 cm, 21.6 cm, 250-1000 ml x 50 ml Pyrex Narrow mouth England 2
12 Viscometer Continuous sensing DV1 Digital Viscometer now with timed measurement function Brookfield brand 1
13 Incubator High quality insulation, sturdy and rigid with aesthetics. Temperature range ambient + 5 0 C above ambient to 600 C. Power supply: – 220V AC + 25%,47 TO 53Hz, Approx.400 Watt. Temperature should be controlled by best quality thermostatic control and digital display. Inner chamber made of stainless steel (S. S. 304) and outer chamber M.S. with powder coating. Inner dimension 45x45x45 cm. Accessories: – Suitable thermometer having 0.10 C 3 shelves Thermometer access hole to display inside temperature. Digital control and digital display with soak timer. Brands and Country of Origin should be specified 1
14 Deionized Water Machine 10L/Hour RO Pure Water Making Machinery OK -HP10 Hunan Moreshine China 1
15 Industrial Weigh scale Camry Digital Platform Scale – Double Display Metal Base-100kg Camry Digital Platform Scale – Double Display Metal Base-100kchina 1
16 Plastic stirrer Dimensions (LxWxH). 10 x 5 x 3.6 in. (25.4 x 12.7 x 9.1 cm) (2); 10.25 in. x 10.25 in. Nigeria 2
17 Funnel Plastic Big funnel; Conventional polyethylene; non-toxic, non-contaminating; withstands nearly all chemicals at room temperature for 24 hrs.
Temperature Tolerances 176°F (80°C) maximum; -148°F (-100°C) brittleness.
Nigeria 2
18 Jerry cans for liquid storage 25 Liters any brand 10
19 Labelling Machine (Quarantine, reject and passed (raw materials/finished products) labels) Pressure Sensitive Labeler, Optical Laser Printing Machine, Inject Printing Machine Specify brand 1
20 Industrial hand trolleys 250kg load capacity; 250 to 1000 kgs; Colour: Blue; No of Wheels 4; Wheel Diameter 9 inch
Wheel Type Pneumatic
Specify brands 2
Equipment Model/Specification  Quantity Delivery Location
1 Incubator Shaker apDiaAD Shake 12000, 2X96 per cycle, :25°C to 40°C adjustable digital display 3   Lagos, Uyo, Calabar
2 pipette Tip TipOneFiltered white pipette Tip 3 Lagos, Uyo, Calabar
3 Automatic Pipette Diosure
a 0 -100ul 3 Lagos, Uyo, Calabar
b 0 – 50ul 3 Lagos, Uyo, Calabar
c 100 – 1000ul 3 Lagos, Uyo, Calabar
d 1000 – 2000ul 3 Lagos, Uyo, Calabar
4 Multichannel Automatic Pipette Eppendoff 100ul – 1000ul 3 Lagos, Uyo, Calabar
5 X Ray Printer Fuji drypix Lite Dixon Printer 2 Lagos & Uyo

Terms and Conditions of the Solicitation
A.) Notice Of Non-Binding Solicitation

  • Issuance of this solicitation does not constitute an award commitment on the part of John Snow Inc.(JSI) Nigeria, nor does it commit John Snow Inc.(JSI), Nigeria to pay for any costs incurred in the preparation or submission of the price quotes.
  • John Snow Inc. (JSI), Nigeria reserves the right to reject any offers if such action is considered to be in the best interest of the projects.


  • John Snow Inc. (JSI), Nigeria reserves the right to issue Purchase Orders to multiple vendors.
  • The Purchase Order, once accepted by the bidder, becomes a binding contract, including the content of JSI Standard Terms and Conditions, e.g., Anti-human Trafficking and Child Safeguarding Provisions.

Invoicing and Payment:

  • Payment will be made according to Article 6 of the JSI standard Purchase Order terms and conditions (see attached). Please note that the final payments are subject to 5% withholding tax.

Number of Quotations per Bidder:

  • If so desired, firms may submit one or more alternative quotations per delivery location.
  • JSI hereby reserves the right to reject bids received in response to this RFQ and is in no way bound to accept any proposal.
  • JSI additionally reserves the right to negotiate the substance of the finalists’ proposals, including the option of accepting partial components of a proposal if appropriate.
  • Quantities maybe subject to change. Once a bid or partial quantity of a bid is accepted and confirmed with an order, failure to provide the goods in a timely way except for force majeure will be considered a failure to perform in accordance with this tender and with JSI’s standard contract terms and conditions.

B.) Confidentiality

  • All information provided as part of this RFQ must be treated as confidential. In the event that any information is inappropriately released, JSI will seek appropriate remedies as stated in the attached Terms and Conditions.
  • The content of proposals, discussions including but not limited to email exchanges, and all information received in response to this RFQ will be held strictly confidential, except as otherwise noted.

C.) Communication

  • All communications regarding this solicitation shall be directed to the appropriate parties at JSI.
  • Contacting third parties involved in the project, the review panel, or any other party may constitute a conflict of interest, and could result in disqualification of the proposal.

D.) Acceptance

  • Award of a proposal does not imply acceptance of its terms and conditions. JSI reserves the option to negotiate the final terms and conditions. JSI additionally reserves the right to negotiate the substance of the finalists’ proposals, as well as the option of accepting partial components of a proposal if deemed appropriate.

E.) Right to Final Negotiations

  • JSI reserves the option to negotiate on the final costs and final scope of work and also reserves the option to limit or include third parties at JSI’s sole and full discretion in such negotiations.

F.) Third-Party Limitations

  • JSI does not represent, warrant, or act as an agent for any third party as a result of this solicitation. This solicitation does not authorize any third party to bind or commit JSI in any way without JSI’s express written consent by duly authorized Senior Management staff. .

G.) Review Process

  • The review process will involve a review panel with participants from JSI. It may, at JSI’s discretion involve other entities as determined necessary.

H.) Proposal Validity

  • The proposal shall be valid for 60 days after submission.

Vendor’s Expected Delivery Date:

  • Two weeks from the acknowledgment of a Purchase Order (PO).


Application Closing Date
9th August, 2022.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified Bidders should send their Bids electronically via: [email protected]

Click here for more information (MS Word)

Bidders are expected to submit a signed Financial Bid in NGN with the Company letter head-paper with the following:

  • Detailed description of item and brands as specified above. You may quote for other brands; however, the specified brands are preferred.
  • Country of origin or manufacture of each item
  • Unit Cost and total cost of items
  • Cost of Installation & Delivery as applicable
  • Delivery period
  • Validityofquotation
  • Warrant period as applicable
  • Images of all items / equipment quoted
  • Information on similar jobs completed.