Lucrative Business Ideas for Students in 2021

In this article, I am going to share with you some realistic business ideas from which students can earn a living. We should keep in mind that students have zero to little free time at hand.

Business Ideas For Students.

Here are 10 great business ideas which you can consider doing as a student while in school to earn you extra money;

1. Buy and Sell.

The easiest way by far is if students have the capital to invest. They should look for products which are easy and fast to sell, such as used school books, cheap cell phones, computers, clothes, anything that is related to every student’s needs. They can either use their network in school to sell their products, local markets, or online markets.

2. Recycling.

Recycling is a very low capital investment venture as it involves buying junk or broken items, sometime you can even collect few items for free. Recycling’s items I like the most are: computer parts, broken cell phones, broken computers, broken and old televisions and much more. The trick is to buy or collect junks at a very low price and bring them back to life by repairing them, a good profit can be made out of it.

3. Planning School Events.

Popular, social, and outgoing students should take advantage of their networking skills to generate money. What is the point of having over 100 actives friends if you can’t make any money from them? Students are the wildest party people so if you excel in networking you should think about planning events, school activities, and parties for a fee.

4. Freelancing.

As a student, you must own a laptop and a cell phone. With a laptop and a good internet connection, students should be learning new skills such as graphic design, writing resumes, articles, web development, installing software, and much more. These skills can be, later on, rendered as a service through their network in school, online or local markets.

5. Marketer.

Social and outgoing students who have a huge presence on social media, should be applying for marketing jobs or becoming marketers for small businesses. The idea is to advertise other businesses products through their network and make a commission on every sale. It shouldn’t take more than an hour a day, and all the work can be done on social media.

6. House Cleaning, Laundry, and Ironing Services.

Offering house cleaning, laundry, and ironing services in your spare time can turn out to be very lucrative if you put hard work into it. Look for houses around your area and offer your services, run it as a business instead of a part-time job and you will experience unimaginable growth.

7. Teaching.

Are you a bright student? Do you have the ability to learn and understand any school topic faster than your mate? Why not teach other students in your spare time? Not every student has the gift to be sharp in school and it is an opportunity for any smart student to start making cool cash. Start a study group, help your mates with homework, exams and charge a fee for your services. Teaching high school students is also recommended and easier.

8. Car Washing.

Another cool way of making quick cash, just like tip #6 is: Trying to look for cars or bikes to wash around your neighborhood, among your mates your professor, or relatives. Great chances are that you find a customer daily.

9. Baby-Sitting.

If you love kids, then you should think about babysitting from time to time and provide teaching to those kids. An amazing experience that can lead you perhaps to become a primary school teacher or get into the education field.

10. Entertainment, Follow your passion.

A very tricky tip if you ask me, I have met a student who was enrolled in a bachelor of economics a while back and he was performing at shows as a comedian to make a living. I used the word tricky because it can easily become a distraction to students and mislead them into dropping out of school. Otherwise, they should explore the opportunity to work for their passion in their spare time which is a good way to reduce stress and have fun. Quick examples of passion: painting, poetry, songwriting, producing, making beats, fashion, and much more.


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