How to speak well in public? Check out the main mistakes to avoid

Speak well in public

Speaking well in public, the most common mistake has been with professionals since school days.


What makes a public presentation, whether at school or work, great? According to Jean Emmanuel, a specialist in Public and Business Communication and author of the new book “Stop Vascular in your presentations” by Pandora Editor, three elements form the tripod for a perfect presentation:

  • Knowledge of what you are talking about, whether by study, research, or your experience;
  • The technique of oratory, using the voice or to tell stories;
  • And the excitement.


“If you have this tripod, the lecture will be good. If one of the three is missing, your presentation is shaky. You know that situation: the person has a lot of knowledge but lacks excitement?” he says.

The expert explains that it is necessary to pay attention to the focus time of your audience. Knowing how to present yourself well is also understanding that even the most interested person can only hold the attention of others for 7 or 10 minutes.


According to him, keeping the public’s attention to his message is the biggest challenge. Check out some tips to improve the tripod and make great presentations.

The most common mistake in presentations (speak well in public)

“Since school days, the child will make the presentation and speak looking only at the teacher and forget about the classmates. It would help if you made a conversation circle between people, talking all the time, looking at only one you despise the rest, and disconnect from the conversation. In an auditorium, you need to look at all sectors. The tip to avoid this flinch is this: look at the audience. The more you look, the greater the ability to delight.”

And there’s also a tip for the home office times: “On online, the camera hole in your notebookspeak well in public. The more you look down, the more disconnected from your speech the audience becomes”.

do not change the tone of voice

“Speaking monotonously is another common mistake. Speaking everything at the same volume or intonation cannot happen. You need to change speed and change the volume to be able to retain people’s attention. Or do you get that sleepy presentation, that people even make those sleepy snaps? If the audience sleeps, it’s the fault of whoever presents it”.

To improve on this aspect, he recommends working on self-knowledge

“You need to know yourself. We live in the era of WhatsApp audio. Record your presentation, send it to a person, and listen. It is an important tool for us to know our vocal power.”

Not knowing how to use PowerPoint.

A visual aid, be it PowerPoint or another type of presentation, can be your friend or foe. “It depends on how we produce the material. If you know how to work with resources, you can and should use them. A lot of people have a visual learning channel, and you have to take advantage of that. But if you don’t know how to prepare the material well, it’s better not to use it. If you only present texts and read directly, it’s not worth using”

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