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7 Most Technologically Advanced Countries Today

What really makes the world technologically advanced? Have you ever wondered why? In this video, we share with the 7 most technologically advanced countries in the world today, right now!

How so? You may ask… Well, we will start at the beginning… .You see, many countries are left in a state of disarray after World War II. Things started to get better from the ’80s onwards. During the Cold War, the race for technological success changed our society and culture forever.

It is safe to say, then, that the competition brought about by industrial change in the world’s major wars pushed mankind into the modern era. For technological advancement to work, the nation’s heartbeat lies in its ability to integrate its technological know-how, which includes both knowledge and skill.

Today, technology skills are in high demand. As we speak, they are still the most sought after. For example, the provision of skills is still not in line with the need for many developing economies.

Several countries have contributed to the modern era, but here are the top seven that really stand out:

1. Japan

Japan is known for its scientific research, making major contributions to the world in fields such as electronics, automotive, machinery, optics, seismic engineering, robots, metals and semiconductors. The nation has a policy of not relying on fossil fuels, including nuclear power plants, to achieve this, while at the same time winning many Nobel prizes. Companies like Canon, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Sony and Nintendo are just some of the world-famous Japanese companies.

2. USA

The United States is known as the world’s largest power, and advances in space technology alone have had a major impact on this. The atomic bomb, the first man of the month, medicine, defense systems, communications have been the focus of the USA for the past few decades, in fact, the USA has the most powerful military force in the world. Of course, the likes of Google, Apple, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft only add to the USA integration list.

3. South Korea

South Korea has given us the technology companies LG, Hyundai and Samsung, brands that compete with some of the top companies in the world. Add to this the fact that the internet speed in South Korea is 3 times faster than in the US.

4. Israel

Private companies in Israel have been very productive. It produces the most advanced weapons in the world. Though small, the Israelites performed miracles when it came to agricultural production. It has produced products that increase plant growth, using only a fraction of the efforts of conventional methods.

About 35% of exports to Israel are technically related. Today, the country is one of the top five economies in the field of space science research.

Known for the invention of the defense industry, Israel has created an Unmanned Air Force – capable of monitoring any situation in real-time. The nation is one of the few technologically advanced countries with modern electric motor infrastructure. They have well-maintained charging network networks across the country.

5. Germany

In fact, Germany let go of the first world war, but the technological advances that Germany made during the war are still in use today. Most of the world thinks that Germany has given us cars and Einstein, but Germany is the world leader in medicine, scientific research, military technology, and engineering. The German government is investing heavily in R&D and as a result, new technologies are being developed every day.

6. Russia

The Russians were already the first to send a man into space and place the first man-made object on the surface of the moon. Russia is also well-known for its heavy equipment production, and its advanced military units already have a number of arrows still considered to be the world’s best. Russia is also a pioneer in the field of medicine, nuclear power, and finally hosting some of the world’s leading computer hackers!

7. Finland

Finland is most known for Nokia: one of the world’s most successful mobile phone companies, but did you know the country has also given us all Linux, wireless wearable tech, Internet Relay Chat and the very first graphical user browser. Finland is a world leader in healthcare facilities and high tech projects. Top all this with the fact that Finland has the highest per capita income in the whole world!

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